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Our photography is an art that can truly capture the soul of a moment in time and preserve its beauty and importance forever. At EO Photography and Entertainment, we enjoy using our collective creative skills in artistic photography in new jersey. We believe in capturing the one moment that transforms to a nostalgic memory of the cherished past and brings a smile.

We aim to provide our clients with photography services for diverse life events such as wedding photography, engagement shoots, and corporate photography events, to deliver an enticing visual and sensory experience.

At EO Photography, we will take a closer look at your event and location. We will provide you with a fully tailored and customized photography package to fulfill your needs. We are fully trained and licensed to deliver the very best NJ wedding photography that you can find anywhere. We specialize in wedding photography and event photography, and we will be able to successfully capture and creat the memorable moments for years to come. 

Here are some things that you can expect from us.

  • Collaboration: We are 100% prepared to collaborate with you and prepare a photography and event capture plan according to your needs.
  • Phenomenal experience: We have 15 years of experience covering weddings, fashion events, etc. We have highly polished skills that we use to craft a stunning optical experience.
  • Equipment: As a well-established event and wedding photographers, we have all the necessary camera equipment {including back-up} that will be required to cover your event.
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    Our services

    EO Photography and Entertainment will be able to provide you with professional photography services for all your events. The fusion of creative imagination and high-quality optics allows us to specialize in NJ wedding photography, fashion photography, event photography, and corporate photography. We also cover additional functions such as engagement shoots, wedding receptions, family shoots in New Jersey, and souring areas. 

    Wedding Photography

    At EO Photography, our primary specialty is providing NJ wedding photography and videography for happy couples tying the knot. Our highly trained and professional wedding photographers will faithfully capture every highlight of your wedding worth reminiscing.


    If you require affordable and professional fashion photographers and videographers to cover an elegant fashion event in New Jersey, you should contact us immediately. We will be able to provide you with customized and timeless solutions according to your needs.


    EO Photography and Entertainment also specialize in providing event photographers and videographers who will cover each aspect and highlight of your event in a photojournalistic style. Be it birthdays, graduations, engagements, etc.; we will be able to provide you with customized event photography solutions at affordable prices.r

    Corporate Photography

    EO Photography also provides customized and scalable corporate photography services. You can use the photographer services of our highly trained staff and commission company portraits, executive portraits, brand photographs, ID photographs, etc. Our creativity and versatility make us the perfect choice for covering corporate events in NJ.

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    Why US

    You should choose our services because we will be able to provide you with a hitherto unmatched degree of collaboration, cooperation, and customer service. Our professionals will be alongside you every step of the way, and they will work tirelessly to provide you with the shots and frames that you want. Our photographers are incredibly versatile and creative, and they will be able to customize and plan the photography schedule in a dedicated and organized manner. If you have any special requests or considerations that you would like us to make, we will readily do it for you.

    Apart from wedding photography, EO Photography and Entertainment also specializes in providing event photography and corporate photography as well. We will be able to cover your event in a very dedicated manner so that you have sufficient coverage of all the noteworthy segments of the event. Our skilled and experienced photographers will be able to cover the entire event in a candid and photojournalistic style. All in all, our photography and photographer services will allow you to enjoy the event while being sure that it is all being recorded for your benefit.
    Here are some of the critical things we will be able to provide:


    • Wedding Photography: We specialize in covering weddings and related events. Our highly trained and experienced wedding photographers will be able to give you the best NJ wedding photography, enchanted celebrations videography, and engagement photos.
    • Versatility & Adaptability: Our event photographers are incredibly skilled and experienced. They will be able to adapt to your needs in a very versatile and creative manner. They can modify their style and technique to suit the overall aesthetic and ambiance of your event.
    • Experience: The EO Photography team has several highly skilled professionals with more than 15 years of experience working as event photographers and videographers in New Jersey. We will be able to provide you with a very high level of skill and service.